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WKU is the only public institution of higher education in Kentucky offering a major in film.

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The Complete Filmmaker

Our Philosophy

The major in film provides undergraduates a strong foundation in both film production and film studies.

Film Production

Students gain the practical skills to succeed on a film set in both below-the-line (i.e. crew) and above-the-line (i.e. creative) roles and experience the mechanics of film production in industry and independent settings through short film productions.

Film Studies

We believe the analytical and practical sides of filmmaking strike a necessary balance in a well-rounded film education. Students develop facility in critical and analytical thinking through the study of global film culture, history and aesthetics.

Events and Updates

Latest News

WKU Film Showcase Fall 2016

Join us Saturday, December 3 as we celebrate the work of our fall 2016 film students! Admission is free! Students, friends, family, and the Bowling Green community are invited! Saturday, …

WKU Film Convocation Fall 2016

Join us as we kick off the new year with important announcements for film majors, incoming and current. We’ve had a lot of things in the works we’re excited to …